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Welcome to TLCVIP, we are True Life Changers for Very Important People ~ our high school, collegiate and professional athletes. We have found several ways to help them fill the financial gap as they focus to sharpen their peak athletic abilities as well as perform their academic duties.  

What We Do

One way is the IN OFF THE BENCH (IOTB) podcast. Jim Cross with IOTB promotes athletes based on their athletic abilities but more importantly their personal character. In the last year we have sponsored and given away 17 of the highly esteemed: $1000 Championship Character awards.

Although this last year was incredible, we knew more could be done for these athletes.  We met with web designers, investors, sports commentators, business owners, and several athletes to brainstorm….. May I present to you this website that we are very proud of.

Each athlete presented to you has been chosen to participate in this sponsorship program. One company will bonus 20% of every purchase back to the athlete if you use their shop link,, We have added a box specific to each athlete below their profile picture to keep the bonuses separate for each athlete. Shop and 20% of your product purchase goes electronically to the athlete. It’s a brilliant way to serve you and serve our athletes. Shop Shop Shop & feel good about the money you spend.

How It Works

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Finding sponsors for young athletes is no easy task, which is why we created TLCVIP. Through our network of industry connections and ever-growing group of young athletes, we help bridge the gap between a passion and a career.

Why Us?

For years, TLCVIP has been working to help promising athletes achieve their dreams with the support of some of the best brands in sports. We aim to help these young men and women realize their dreams by getting them sponsorships that make all the difference.

Benefits Of Sponsorship

1. We provide you with a platform to showcase your skills, talents and personality to companies who want to sponsor young athletes.

2. The process is quick and easy, we’ll guide you through the whole process and take care of everything for you! (Just fill out our form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours)




“I’ve never heard of a program like ours until I saw yours on the internet. I’m really impressed with what you guys have done to help athletes. There’s no doubt that athletes need sponsors because not all of them can pay up their training fee if they can’t find sponsors. I believe that they need professionals to help them along the way and we’re glad that we can do it for you guys.”

Marissa James

“TLCVIP is really great company. It gets young athletes sponsorships to help them on their journey to becoming professional athletes. I had a chance to work with them when I smashed my first record. Thanks to their help I got some funding and made my dream come true.”

Jinga Low